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Product Name: mobile phone accessories

Model: (001) (002) (003) (004)

Color: red, black, white, blue

Memory capacity: 8g

Certificate status: valid

Product Details

Mobile phone protective film

Protective film: it can be used for the beauty of mobile phone, so that the screen of mobile phone can be free from scratches and oil pollution, waterproof and dustproof, and can reduce the eye fatigue of the owner when using mobile phone;

Protection film classification: mobile phone PC protection film, PVC protection film, pet protection film; AR protection film.

Mobile Phone Protector

Mobile phone protection case, for mobile phone protection, mobile phone protection case classification: leather cover, silica gel cover, crystal shell, plastic hard shell (PC / ABS), metal shell, mesh shell, water cover, etc.

Mobile data line

Data line is one of the most easily damaged access tools in the use of our mobile phones. Many people can only buy the data line provided by a third party after the original line is damaged. So mobile data line is one of the most important accessories of mobile accessories. At present, there are three kinds of data lines of mobile phones, micro USB, type-C USB and lighting.