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Computer maintenance knowledge


First, the influence of voltage and static electricity on computers.

It is not allowed to hang up or power off suddenly when the hard disk is read. If the voltage or frequent power outages, you can buy UPS to deal with.

When the environment is dry, we should guard against the influence of static electricity on computer accessories. If you need to contact the circuit board directly at this time, please first discharge or take other insulation measures.

Second, the operation we use

Do not use CD-ROM for a long time, such as listening to songs and watching video discs. You can copy the DVD onto the hard disk and watch it slowly.

Do not switch on frequently, and each shutdown should be interval of time.

Third, regular inspection and maintenance

When our computer has been used for a long time, we should regularly scan the power, optical drive, floppy drive, chassis, display, keyboard, mouse and so on. If it's not convenient for you to handle it yourself, you can ask professionals to handle it.

If the computer is not in use for a long time, it is recommended to operate periodically to facilitate the removal of moisture in it.