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Mobile Common Sense


First, far away magnetic field environment

Mobile phone transmits sound through wireless signal, which is magnetic. At the same time, both sound and microphone cover electromagnetic principle. Therefore, mobile phone should not be exposed to dusty places frequently, so as not to inhale too much dust from the sound holes of mobile phone speakers, resulting in smaller or even inaudible sound of mobile phone listeners.


Second, try not to use non-original chargers or chargers

An unstable current will greatly damage the life of electronic components, especially some cheap chargers made in China. The lack of chargers with effective control circuits is very harmful. Many accidents are caused by battery.


Third, SIM Card Cleaning

Metal contacts on SIM cards are very important. Careful protection against dust pollution and cleaning can delay its oxidation and prevent the phenomenon of missing IM cards, sudden network interruption or screen display disorder. Generally speaking, its service life can be up to 4 years or more, unless you change your cell phone frequently, the normal number of dials will rarely hurt it.


Fourth, pay attention to the method of carrying with you

Many people like to put it in their pockets directly, but if they press it carelessly while sitting, or when they walk, the mobile phone will be squeezed and dropped to the ground, which will cause damage to the mobile phone.