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What do you know about mobile phone maintenance?


First, use mobile phone leather cover or protective shell.

Most mobile phones today can buy suitable protective covers, which can reduce the friction of the phone shell, and it will not be easy to drop paint when it meets hardness or falls on the ground. Xiaobian is a person who doesn't like to bring a set of phones to his cell phone. Finally, the paint on both sides of the cell phone has dropped a lot, but the screen is still brand new, and it tells a bitter tear.


Second, do not put mobile phones in damp environment.

If your mobile phone is not water drain, please do not use the phone for a long time in damp places. It will cause moisture to infiltrate into the cell phone and erode the internal circuit board, resulting in short circuit. For example: bathtub, laundry sink, damp basement, swimming pool, etc. If you don't fall into the water carefully, you'll be foolish. This should be met by many people!


Third, Protect Charging Port

Many people have spent a period of time finding that the data line is not good enough. It may not be the quality of the house, but it may be that you are too rude. If there is contact with some metals, it will have a great influence on the signal of the mobile phone.